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Friday, 20 April 2018

How money in the bank got me a Great performance review

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A couple of weeks ago I got to sit through the joyous quarterly occasion that is a performance review. Of course, we don't call them that because a positive outlook is everything so we call them Inspiration Sessions!! Well, not quite, but it's a similarly pompous name.

I'm not one of the FIRE bloggers who loves their job and says they'd keep working even with money in the bank. I'm one of those FIRE bloggers who checks their numbers every Monday and sighs before opening the job pages and seeing if something else has come up before eventually getting down to work for the day.

But, despite all this, I still got a Great outcome in my performance review thanks to my FIREy pursuits.

Friday, 13 April 2018

The Year of Investing - March 2018

Oof, was it just me or was March one of those months? I spent a lot, the markets went backwards and life just seemed more stressful and busy than it had any right to be. Still, I stayed on track with my goals, and squeezed in a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing - just like retirement could be!

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