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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

September 2021 Update

September is over and I'm hitting a point that these updates are for me to see the numbers, and not much else.

Goals For 2021

The exact same as 2020. I think we all agree to write off 2020.

Goal #1: 50% Savings

Yet again, the actual goal is for this 12 month period to sit comfortably above 50%. Ideally, I'd like to bring the 3year rate up as well, but we'll see how that actually goes.

September Rate: 36%
2021 Average: 41%
Three-Year Average33

Goal #2 Reduce Average Spending by 10%

The goal is to reduce my average spend by 10% from January 2019 - bringing it down below $4,400 (a nice rounded number).

September Spend: $5,211.12
2021 Average Spend$4,552.53
Goal Spend: $4,400 (or less)


Here's what I spent in September, which includes the save-to-spend amounts. 

12 Month Average
$954.17$1,006.13 (up $33.83)
Over Budget. The rent, twice. The power bill and the gass bill :( Plus we put a deposit down for a verandah !!
Investment Property 1$1,050
$1,050$1,218.85 (down $4.17)
On Budget. Mortgage, and the saving for future repairs/upgrades. 
Home turned IP2$950$950$905 (up $16.67)
On Budget Just the mortgage, and the saving for future repairs/upgrades.
Personal Bills$137.10$137.50$134.45 (up $0.82)
Under Budget. Nothing new.
Groceries$281.75$200$221.37 (up $1.92)
Over BudgetI'm trying to share the shopping load more. And I'm trying to get healthier
$350$386.50 (up $4.16)
On Budget. Actual spend of only $250, which included a 3month supply of cat food, 6months of flea treatments, and an online dog training course.
Roller Derby$158.76
$166.67$122.17 (down $10.16)
Under Budget. My co-captain and I bought some cool end of season gifts for the team. Plus a few other bits and pieces
Travelling$50$105$50 (down $4.17)
Under Budget. Just putting aside money for the future 
Comfort Food$0$50$29.32 (down $4.16)
Under Budget. I didn't apply any of the food shop to this category. Probably could have.
$200$231.84 (down $587.67)
Under Budget. $45 for petrol, and the rest saved for later. I've now owned the car for a full year and can remove the purchase price from the 'average' calculation! :)
$192.94 (down $14.03)
Under BudgetBits and pieces throughout the month. The exciting part was buying shoes worth over $100 for $20 at the local second hand store.
Total$5,211.12$4,316.67$4,514.51 (down $567.03)
Total ex. Donations$5,211.12
$4,498.57 (down $567.04)
Over Budget. Largely from bills at the rental place, and home improvements. Nice to see the average gets to come down so much :)

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