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Friday, 2 July 2021

May 2021 Update

As I write this on the second of July I can honestly say I have no idea what happened back in May

Goals For 2021

The exact same as 2020. I think we all agree to write off 2020.

Goal #1: 50% Savings

Yet again, the actual goal is for this 12 month period to sit comfortably above 50%. Ideally, I'd like to bring the 3year rate up as well, but we'll see how that actually goes.

May Rate: 38%
2021 Average: 46%
Three-Year Average: 35

Goal #2 Reduce Average Spending by 10%

The goal is to reduce my average spend by 10% from January 2019 - bringing it down below $4,400 (a nice rounded number).

May Spend: $4,530.02
2021 Average Spend: $4,294.56
Goal Spend: $4,400 (or less)


Here's what I spent in April, which includes the save-to-spend amounts.  

12 Month Average
Home$700$954.17$973.39 (down $1.27)
Under Budget. Just Rent
Investment Property 1$1,432.37
$1,100$1,222.07 (down $3.77)
Over Budget. Mortgage, water bill and council rates. 
Home turned IP2$950$950$753.23 (up $7.55)
On Budget. The mortgage, and $70 set aside for later repairs.
Personal Bills$137.10$137.50$130.35 (up $0.82)
Under Budget. Nothing new.
Groceries$144.47$200$218.40 (up $0.91)
Over Budget. I'm not sure why it's under, I guess pasta and rice are cheap (and winter comforting).
$300$334.72 (up $15.19)
Over BudgetI put $130 aside for later, bought period pants for my new teenager and a lot of treats.
Roller Derby$140.50
$166.67$137.12 (down $4.78)
Under Budget. I paid dues, went on a mini-camp and bought some new gear.
Travelling$50$105$54.17 (up $4.17)
Under Budget. Just putting aside money for the future 
Comfort Food$54$50$22.81 (down $9.62)
Under Budget. Back in the office one day a week, we had a going away lunch for a friend going on maternity leave.
$200$753.18 (up $16.59)
Over Budget. A tank of petrol and starting to save for the inevitable repairs. I have $470 saved.
$9.27 (up $3.67)
Nothing this month.
$213.97 (down $1.50)
Under Budget. I had three psych appointments in May and look they help but damn they are expensive.
Total$4,530.02$4,119.17$4,822.67 (up $35.49)
Total ex. Donations$4,530.02
$4,813.41 (up $31.83)
Under Budget. This month had bills and three trips to a psychologist. No surprises it was expensive.

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