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Friday, 2 November 2018

Adult Goals: October2018

Ya'll... October was expensive. What just happened...


The October plan was to make my bed regularly, and to start doing some serious body maintenance. I made my bed a few days in a row, but honestly I didn't get any value out of it, so I gave up on that pretty quickly. It just became one more thing to do before leaving the house in the morning, and I didn't get any of the rumoured buzz of feeling like a #AccomplishedAdult.

I did pay more attention to my body though. I did yoga roughly twice a week, started stretching daily, and got my foam roller out again. I went to see the physio to make sure the knee I banged into the ground multiple times was a-okay, and it is. But all the muscles attached are knotted up and mad at me, so I need to devote more time to the foam roller, my absolute favourite...

October Adulting: Success

For November, it's time to organise things! Which is great, because I've been feeling the spring cleaning itch. I want to pull all the knock off tupperware containers out of my cupboard and match lids with bases (and throw out the ones that don't have any). I'm really excited for the warmer weather, because I can stop wearing layers of clothes, and pack away a lot of things I won't see for six months. I probably won't buy anymore shelving, so I might part company with some of my books to make space. Maybe. I'm very attached to my books.


So how did the fourth month of saving and rebuilding my cash reserves go? It was the worst so far!! I'm really not good at saving... I'm great at investing. Just plain terrible at saving boring cash in a boring savings account.

Hello flatline!! Actually, technically there is a tiny bit less in my account this month than last month. It was a big bills month, and one of those bills can't be paid on credit card. I also finally replaced my toilet. We're talking 4 years in the making. I paid in cash for a 10% discount off the price. That does meant that this money came out this month, instead of pushing it back another month via credit card magic. Which is great, because I also had a lot of bills that went on the credit card, so that hurts too.

To add to my money misery in October, my rental property is processing the payments a day late, which means I won't see my October rent until November. October was a '5 week month' so I'll get a big payment, but it's disappointing not seeing it till later than usual. My property managers are normally on the ball, so I'm not hugely concerned about it being a little late this one time.

Lastly, I'm still put some money aside for future spending. I'm putting $110 a month into my trip to Canada, saving for a blueberry hedge, a new helmet and (super exciting) a new toilet since I finally replaced the toilet, I've started saving to buy myself some video games for Christmas. 


For the sake of curiosity, here's what I spent in October, which includes the save-to-spend amounts.

CategorySpentBudgeted12 Month Average
Home$1,429.89$1,312.50$1,353.72 (up $16.74)
I got bills! They're terrifying... not really, they're pretty standard. That doesn't mean I enjoy paying them.
Investment Property$2,576.51$1,166.67$1,299.88 (up $3.70)
Big bills! Very terrifying! Again, not really terrifying, all the bills fell in the same month, including the big bill I get every four months for the Body Corporate. The average barely shifted though, so that's nice. 
Personal Bills$126.61$126.67$145.48 (down $1.69)
New lower phone bill! Woo!
Groceries$141.75$200.00$200.48 (down $1.32)
I scored a free box of Hello Fresh meals at the start of the month. I wouldn't recommend the service, because none of the meals produce leftovers, I find the methods they use create a lot of dishes and a lot of plastic waste, and it's expensive to boot. But a free box of food is not something I'm going to turn down.
Pets$32.21$35.00$41.77 (down $3.09)
I made more sales this month - $10 worth of Chicken eggs, and $15 worth of quail eggs. I put the $15 aside to build or buy an incubator, and restocked cat and quail food.
Roller Derby$161.62$185.00$232.63 (down $16.02)
The off season has begun! I paid the last of my season dues, put money aside for new safety gear, and saw the physio to make sure I was doing all the right things for my off season recovery.
Travelling$110$108.33$30 (up $9.17)
Next year I'm going to Canada! I figured I better start putting money aside.
Other$497.17$157.25$311.08 (up $28.06)
It's not as bad as it looks I swear!! Mr FIRE runs his own business, and I invest in a lot of different things, so we pay an accountant to make sure we get the most out of our tax returns. I paid for both our returns this year, and they aren't super cheap. Outside of that, I saw a doctor, ate some ice cream, had about 4 beers and put money aside to buy Christmas gifts.
Total$5,075.75$3,300.83$3,615.03 (up $35.53)
October was expensive.  With all the bills I was over budget before the month even started, no fun. Outside of that, there was very little unplanned spending, so the numbers on paper suck, but I still pat myself on the back for good behaviour. This is typical for October, it's a big bills month.

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