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Friday, 12 October 2018

Adult Goals: September 2018

You guys, it's spring!! Flowers are blooming, bee's are humming and life is warm and sunshiney and great.

And I stepped down from my volunteer treasurer position last night. I'm freeeee!

Oh, and some money stuff happened in September, I can talk about that too.


The plan in September was to get rid of my floordrobe... I did not. However! I did get better at using it. Things are folded a little more often for the floordrobe. It was kept at a manageable level. Clothes for the floordrobe were worn before new clean ones. Which is the point of a floordrobe... right?

September Adulting: A little success

For October I'm going to make the bed. Yepp, that was the goal I set myself. But I'm also stepping ahead to the body maintenance goal of December as well, because my body hurts. I feel twice in 2 weeks at derby and smashed the same knee into the ground (with safety gear on). At first I thought it was just swollen, but it still hurts :( I'm going to start with stretching before moving on to 'save me physiotherapist!'


So how did the third month of saving and rebuilding my cash reserves go? Well.. it happened...

That weird blip in the middle isn't a hefty paycheck or anything exciting like that. Some of the bonds that I owned were redeemed, and it took me a couple of days to redeploy the cash. I had a few options lined up (MEZ and ETHI if anyone is curious) and I needed those days to double check. In terms of savings... really not much. I'm having a bit of a struggle with life at the moment - feeling stressed out all the time for no real reason. I'm glad I've stepped down from being a treasurer, I hope it helps.

My spending in September was nice - we stayed just under $3,000. Which is actually impressive since I spent four days out of the state for a derby trip, and dropped $160 to see Tim Minchin in concert. A month of no bills makes me look good even when I didn't do great on my own merits.

Lastly, I still put some money aside for future spending. I'm still putting $100 a month into my trip to Canada, saving for a blueberry hedge, a new helmet and (super exciting) a new toilet.


For the sake of curiosity, here's what I spent in September, which includes the save-to-spend amounts.

CategorySpentBudgeted12 Month Average
Home$1,038.01$1,312.50$1,336.98 (down $35.39)
Just like in August, most of this 'spend' is actually putting money aside for new things. Cash towards a toilet, a blueberry hedge and some new camping chairs. 
Investment Property$769.66$1,166.67$1,296.18 (up $5.58)
No bills, next month will be a big one though..
Personal Bills$126.61$126.67$147.17 (down $1.69)
New lower phone bill! Woo!
Groceries$210.31$200.00$201.80 (up $1.73)
Well, this was almost $160 month, but on the last day I did a restock on junkfood... It's a long weekend! Snacks are need!
Pets$16.06$35.00$44.86 (down $2.25)
I finally made a sale! I sold $10 worth of eggs, and sold my temporary quail cage for $50. Considering I bought the cage for $15 - I definitely won that transaction. However I had to restock kitty litter this month, which ate up most of the income. And then everyone wanted feeding, as they do.
Roller Derby$438.26$185.00$248.65 (up $21.85)
I was interstate for four days. And our travel schedule didn't allow any kind of relaxing and DIY food prep.
Travelling$100$108.33$20.83 (up $8.33)
Next year I'm going to Canada! I figured I better start putting money aside.
Other$293.97$157.25$283.02 (up $19.06)
I spent $160 on concert tickets less than a week into the month, this was never going to end well... but for the rest of the month there was only one other big spend. I donated $40 to Beyond Blue for Fathers Day. Take care of your dad, you only get one.
Total$2,992.88$3,300.83$3,579.50 (up $19.20)
September was thankfully low spend, but most of that is due to no bills, rather than good behaviour on my part.  


  1. Good luck with your making the bed goal ;)

  2. The best gift you have is 'youth', which means time. Don't let the FIRE get in the way of enjoying life although it seems you are enjoying it all! Yes take care of dad! - All the best - Trippe


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