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Friday, 26 May 2017

May Highlights - Best Posts in the Blogosphere

Morning Everyone! It's been a hectic week and as you read this Mr. FIRE and I are sitting in a hospital waiting for him to go in for knee surgery. This will be our third winter in a row with one of us hobbling around on crutches so we really hope it's the last.

Unfortunately this also means I haven't had the chance to write anything for today's update. I tapped this out on my phone in the waiting room, please forgive the formatting and lack of pictures. Instead of my thoughts, here are my favourite personal finance posts from May.

Number Five

Gwen from Fiery Millenials is a huge inspiration for me, we're at similar life stages but she's winning the FIRE race. In this post she brilliantly captures that it's not always about money. It's also about your entire approach to life.

Number Four

Mr. Tako is rapidly becoming on of my favourite FIRE bloggers. He's witty, funny, really knowledgeable and really easy to understand. This post is about why stock market dives are like avocados going in sale, a great thing!

Number Three

I've mentioned the 4% rule a few times, but another post on it is always welcome, and Mrs. Bayalis is laugh out loud hilarious. I keep getting busted at work laughing at her posts.

Number Two

Mr. FIRE and I were excited for our first low electricity bill winter this year. The last two years we've both had surgery (his ankle, my knee) and no one wants to be cold while recovering so we cranked the heat. 

Well Mr. FIRE is about to have surgery, so looks like we're having another expensive year for us, but maybe you could save on your power bill with some of these tips from Hey, It's Just Money.

Number One

Turns out this was written way back last year, but I stumbled across it in a couple of days ago, so it's in my highlights reel.

As a woman I hated paying for tampons constantly so I turned to using a menstrual cup. Turns out Mrs. Picky Pincher is a cup user too! Check out her review.

Hey readers, I'm considering making the monthly highlights reel a regular post - what do you think?

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