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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Progress Report (1/14)

First update! I've landed on fortnightly for updates, because then it matches nicely with payday.

It's worth noting that I pay everything on a credit card where I can. Because I travel a lot for sports, so rather than paying for flights I can just use rewards points. And because I work for a Big4 bank I'm not paying the fees on the credit card. Winner winner, free flights! That said I've only been using credit cards since February-ish, and while my spending habits haven't changed, watching that number tick up for what I owe on the card is nerve-wracking.

But! Even with a year of impulse decisions (including knee surgery in a private hospital without insurance, and booting tenants who were breaking lease conditions) I've always paid the card in full. Not paying 20% interest just to have a free flight! Even one month of missing the payment would ruin the benefits of flights.

So the point I'm making in a long-winded way, is that I owe about $800 on the credit card, so take the below numbers with a pinch of salt. In every second update I'll include the amount paid for the card and where all that money disappeared to!

Since 6 December
Groceries: $27.25
Investment coach: $250
Total: $272.25
This tally will be more meaningful when I do a full fortnights update! :p

Salary: $1900
Rent: $300
Total: $2200

Offset Balance: $2420.00
Savings Balance: $1361.25
Total: $3,781.25
Remaining: $16,218.75 - 205days

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