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Monday, 5 December 2016

Fire by Thirty Five means what now...?

Financially Independent and Retire Early by Thirty-Five. Sounds impossible or really simple, depending on your approach.

Here's the plan: $50,000 passive income by 10 February 2026 drawn from a combination of Shares, Peer-To-Peer Lending and Investment Property.

In a slightly more detailed way:

  • Vanguard shares consisting of Aus Shares, Aus Bonds, International Shares and Aus Property
  • 'Playground' shares, money put into trying to pick stocks. Less than 10% of total Vanguard portfolio
  • Peer-to-Peer (p2p) Lending. I love Ratesetter for a high return, set and forget investment. In the interest of not putting too many eggs in a basket, I want to cap this at 20% of the Vanguard portfolio (it's currently more like 30%)
  • Investment Property! Oh goody goody, so exciting, here's the strategy
    • Rentals: I want some for cashflow
    • Sub-division: For a (not so) quick way to make (a big headache of project management) capital growth.
    • Rent-vesting: I'm strongly considering moving out of the nice little home I bought 3 years ago, renting another one of similar price and quality so I can claim my little home as a Tax Deduction.

So where are we starting from? $1,800p/a safe withdrawal from shares and P2P lending, $15000 p/a from rental income (completely ignoring expenses)

Current Passive Income before expenses: $16,800
Current investment expenses: $15,000 p/a
Net passive income: $1,800
Left to goal: $48,200 p/a

Wish me luck yo! Hopefully I'll update this blog once every week or two for my own accountability.

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